12.10.2023Event recap

QIA meets in Delft to discuss progress after a year from kick off

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Principal investigators, team leads and members involved in technical discussions from QIA partners all over Europe gathered from the 9th to 11th of October at the De Oude Bibliotheek Academy in Delft, the Netherlands for the QIA Autumn Meeting 2023.

On Day 1, QIA Director Stephanie Wehner welcomed all members and provided a program overview of the three-day event. This was followed by individual presentations from team leads on the progress of the systems engineering track of QIA’s major work streams: metropolitan, long-distance, stack and integration, innovation, and use cases. Developments on key activities on the consortium’s design alternatives track were also presented by QIA members from Delft University of Technology, Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, Technical University of Valencia and University of Parma.

Day 2 was devoted for breakout sessions on specific components of QIA activities. Members also took the chance to set up informal meetings with other members on the sidelines of the sessions.


As a side event, Quantum Delft organised a tour for QIA members to see the facilities and community labs at the House of Quantum in Delft. QIA partners QphoX and Qblox showed their labs and facilities, with QphoX Senior Quantum Engineer Thierry van Thiel and Qblox Roadmap Leader for Quantum Networks Fokko de Vries fielding questions.



Breakout sessions continued in the morning of Day 3, followed by an inspiring session on spinout journey by QphoX and Qblox in the afternoon. The event concluded with a wrap-up session, during which meeting chairs summarised their respective sessions.

QIA is a consortium of now 41 world-leading institutions working together to build a global Quantum Internet made in Europe. Our main goals are: (1) to build the first full-stack prototype entanglement-based network and (2) to drive an innovative European Quantum Internet ecosystem capable of scaling all sub-systems to world-leading European technology.

QIA organises two meetings annually: a spring gathering with all members and an autumn meeting for principal investigators, team leads, and specially invited members. The next spring meeting is scheduled for June 2024 in Barcelona.

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