The QIA Story

We are a community of world-leading and multidisciplinary institutions and industry actors in Europe.

With the alliance’s history of record-breaking demonstrations and breakthrough innovations, we are poised to achieve our moonshot mission of building the world’s first global quantum internet made in Europe.

In parallel, we are mobilising the industry to create an ecosystem ready for quantum internet development.



QuTech, ICFO, University of Innsbruck and the Paris Centre for Quantum Computing joined forces to strengthen the European efforts in quantum internet development.

The parties signed a letter of intent and memorandum of understanding signifying commitment to build a large scale quantum internet that ultimately allows quantum communication between any two points on earth.


We were selected as part of the European Quantum Flagship Ramp-up Phase (2018-2022).

QIA was one of the 20 projects that were selected for the ramp-up phase (first three years) of the Flagship out of a total of 140 proposals. The goal was to create a blueprint for a pan-European quantum internet by developing all essential subsystems—quantum repeaters, end nodes as well as the first quantum network stack—culminating in the first experimental demonstration of a fully integrated stack running on a multi-node quantum network.

The European Quantum Space housed companies and initiatives active in the region's quantum industry.

The Quantum Flagship

We are part of the EU Quantum Technologies Flagship, a 10-year initiative launched in 2018 by the European Commission with an initial budget of 1 billion EUR.

The Quantum Flagship aims at enabling Europe to stay ahead in the second quantum revolution, kickstarting a competitive European quantum industry and making Europe a dynamic and attractive region for innovative research and business investments.

Quantum internet is one of the areas recently identified by the European Commission as highly strategic.

You can learn more about the Quantum Flagship here. Its Research and Industry Strategic Agenda to which we contribute can be found here.


We signed a multi-annual Partnership Agreement with the European Commission to build a quantum internet made in Europe (2022-2029).

The European Commission has selected ‘quantum internet’ as a strategic area for investment to build a global quantum internet made in Europe. As such, QIA started a seven-year program with the aim to develop a full-stack prototype network connecting distant cities.

For more info, check our press release here.


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