Products and platforms

We facilitate transition to market of quantum internet products.

Building the full-stack prototype network requires the development of innovative European components and
sub-systems, both in hardware and software domains. Many of these technological products are already recognised to have the potential to lead to innovative European products on their own from the very start of this partnership.


Cluster | Integrated, synchronized and modular control

With a dedicated team of scientists, engineers and developers we are pushing quantum technology to support experimentalists worldwide with our scalable qubit control and readout equipment.

Time Tagger X | Streaming time-to-digital converters

The unique data processing architecture makes it the preferred choice for time-correlated single photon counting, time-interval counting, coincidence counting and digital protocol analysis

Toptica Laser Rack Systems

Laser Rack Systems | Modular and compact 19” Laser Rack Systems for Quantum Technology 2.0 applications

Laser rack systems integrate high-end laser systems into an industrial form factor and is based on TOPTICA’s unique experience from thousands of TOPTICA lasers installed in scientific laboratories around the world.

We lay the foundation for a world-leading quantum internet Software and Service Industry.

Many applications are already known that showcase the potential for a Quantum Internet to radically enhance Internet
technology benefiting several key sectors of society. With our suite of platforms available to the public, scientists and engineers now have access to tools that will help them design future quantum internet as well as modular quantum computing architectures.

Check the platforms below and try them for yourselves!


SquidASM is an advanced quantum application SDK developed by QuTech that can be used to execute applications on a simulated quantum network. It is offered as part of QuTech’s Quantum Network Explorer and is QIA’s dedicated quantum application simulator.

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NetSquid is a powerful low-level simulator for quantum networks that follows the paradigm of discrete events. This software can be used to model networks with thousands of end nodes and qubits, as well as repeaters.

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Quantum Network Explorer

Quantum Network Explorer (QNE) is an online platform where users can learn about quantum networks, explore various applications, and write their own applications using QNE’s Application Development Kit. Currently, QNE is running on a simulated back-end supported by NetSquid. In the near future, the platform will also allow access to real quantum hardware.

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Quantum Protocol Zoo

The quantum protocol zoo is an open repository of protocols for quantum networks. It provides a compact and canonical way to explore such protocols. Moreover, it allows for easy communication among computer scientists, engineers, and physicists on a single platform.

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SimulaQron is a tool for software development over a quantum internet. Specifically, SimulaQron provides a distributed simulation of several quantum processors, connected by a simulated quantum communication channels.

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