QIA initiatives

We aim to ultimately expand our activities to enable a European quantum internet ecosystem joining all EU27 member states.

As part of our Building for One Europe initiative, we are implementing activities that allow interested parties in all EU27 member states to be part of our mission. These activities include the following:

QIA Use Case Competition

Starting 2023, we will host an annual competition for the most innovative use case or application idea demonstrated on our software development kit (Check Products and platforms), with an opportunity to win an internship at one of our partners.

Check 2023 Call Meet the Challenge Winner of the 2023 Call

Quantum Internet Hackathons

Building upon our existing collaboration with RIPE NCC, we continue to organize annual Quantum Internet Hackathons. Our previous hackathons created hands-on involvement of a large community in the development of a quantum internet, accelerating developments and creating a broad base of expertise within the Internet industry in Europe.

As in our Use Case Competion, hackathons can now utilise our unique Quantum Network Explorer platform to allow an easy entry point to explore programming quantum internet applications by anyone.

More info on the QIA Hackathon 2024 Check the hackathon event recap

QIA Internships

We offer two types of internships at our partners:

  • QIA provides funding for internships to students and young professionals from non-QIA member states
  • QIA offers opportunities for other internships at QIA partners via its website, and set up a dedicated
    email list to both advertise or ask for internships for students and young professionals from the EU27.

Check 2024 Call Meet the Interns of the 2023 Call

Below you can find the ongoing initiatives/calls.