Quantum internet use cases

We are realising and unlocking quantum internet technologies in Europe and beyond.

With members from both R&D and business and industry, we foster tight integration between these key actors.

Our Use Case Team is directly engaging with potential end-users from different sectors to develop real-world quantum internet use cases. An initial network of potential users is already available via QIA Technology Forum, and industry represented on our External Advisory Board.

Quantum Internet has the potential to improve applications of the classical Internet or even enable entirely new ones. The already existing quantum internet protocols in the Quantum Protocol Zoo offer different types of functionalities, and we can distinguish potential use cases in different application domains such as:

Secure cloud computing icon

Secure quantum computing in the cloud – users accessing quantum computers through a secure cloud network paves way for faster and more efficient computing while ensuring the security of sensitive data through quantum encryption methods


Secure communication icon
Secure communication – users can enjoy unbreakable communication through quantum encryption, thereby ensuring that data remains confidential and secure against any eavesdropping attempts


Distributed systems icon

Distributed systems – Exchange of information between distributed nodes becomes faster and more efficient through quantum entanglement, paving the way for improved scalability, fault tolerance, and performance


Sensing and metrology icon

Distributed sensing and metrology – More accurate and precise measurements of physical phenomena over long distances are possible through quantum sensors and measurements distributed across a network


Clock synchronisation icon

Clock synchronisation – More accurate and synchronised clocks across a distributed network is also possible through quantum entanglement



Other potential use cases being considered include enhanced security for cryptocurrencies, faster trading, faster image processing for mobility and logistics as well as security, unforgeable money for online payments, and digital rights management.

The Use Case Team explores possible new use cases via events such as brainstorms and hackathons. If you are interested in participating in such events, regulary check our Events page or contact us via the form below.

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