Internship at LIST

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Host: Quantum Materials Group at LIST

Opportunity open to: MSc students with experience in physics, optics/photonics active in eligible countries

Length of Stay: Minimum of three (3) months, to be discussed with host organization

The new Quantum Materials group at LIST has recently discovered silicon vacancy (VSi) colour centres in semiconductor silicon carbide (SiC) as an ideal platform for quantum computing and quantum communication systems. While VSi centres show highly robust quantum properties, the SiC platform lends itself to scalable mass-production in an industrial setting. To take advantage of the full potential of VSi centres in SiC, we now need to integrate them into nanophotonic circuits. In this internship project, you will make a significant contribution to our work by simulating ideal nanophotonic structures that maximise the efficiency of our quantum systems. Your work includes photonic simulations in Lumerical, in which you will identify ideal parameters for SiC waveguides, fibre-couplers, and Bragg reflectors. You will explore novel geometries based on waveguide corrugations, which would be easier to fabricate in the cleanroom. Due to the limited time within this internship, you must demonstrate prior experience in simulation software, ideally Lumerical. LIST offers to you:

  • A thriving interdisciplinary and highly international environment.
  • Working at the scientific forefront with colour centres in SiC.
  • Potential to make a significant contribution to current scientific challenges.
  • Strong collaborations and regular exchange with the QIA partners in Stuttgart and Delft.
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