10.06.2024Event recap

QIA-QSNP joint event brings together over 220 quantum stakeholders to discuss EU quantum ecosystem, its future

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Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA) and Quantum Secure Networks Partnership (QSNP) organised a joint event in Barcelona aimed at advancing the development and deployment of European quantum technologies.

Titled “Quantum Communications in Europe: Building the next generation of European quantum technologies”, this QIA-QSNP joint event organised by ICFO brought together over 220 researchers, industry experts, and policy officials from across Europe and beyond for a rare and impactful gathering.

The full-day event featured plenary talks and panel discussions from work package and pillar leads of QIA and QSNP, representatives from the European Commission, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Japan’s Quantum ICT Collaboration Center, European Patent Office, and project coordinators of EU projects Qu-Test and Qu-Pilot.

An insightful panel discussion between fast-growing startups in both consortia—Qblox, Q*Bird, Welinq, AQT, LuxQuanta and ThinkQuantum—as well as flash talks from young researchers from both consortia were also organised.

At the end of the program proper, a poster session featuring around 35 research works from QIA and QSNP members was also held to provide a venue for knowledge-sharing between members.

The joint event was followed by separate general meetings of both consortia.

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