Quantum Application Engineer at Qblox

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Qblox is looking for a quantum application engineer to help us build a control stack for an industrial-scale quantum computer. These quantum control stacks generate the analog signals needed for the control and readout of quantum bits. As a quantum application engineer, it is your role to design and build the application layer needed by our customers to operate the control stack. You will create examples and tutorials of quantum computing experiments and communicate these to the world by writing whitepapers. You will test the equipment and provide the developers with feedback on its performance. Furthermore, you will provide support to our customers and communicate their feedback with the development team.

For this job, Qblox is looking for someone with:

  • a PhD in physics with experimental research in quantum technology,
  • great English communication skills
  • a hands-on mentality in making experimental setups work. Experience in building and debugging experimental setups with RF signals,
  • programming skills in Python

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Contact: Fokko de Vries, Jules van Oven

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