Postdoc and PhD positions in Quantum Networks at MPQ

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Successful candidates will be part of the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics – Quantum Dynamics Group spearheaded by Prof. Gerhard Rempe.

Investigating the quantum world and making quantum effects available for future applications in particular in the processing of information are main focal points of our research. The experiments essentially follow two different strategies: One is devoted to the development of interfaces between the classical world and the quantum world. ‘Workhorses’ are individual atoms and tailor-made photons in optical resonators of the highest quality. Examples of this research are the novel light sources developed in our laboratory which at the push of a button emit a bit stream of single photons or even entangled photons. We are also aiming to increase in a systematic manner the size of our quantum systems by adding one-at-a-time more and more atoms or photons. In this way we want to find out if and how it is possible to realise a distributed quantum network or even a quantum internet, with single photons exchanging information between nodes.

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Contact: Gerhard Rempe

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