SimulaQron hackathon 2018

Event summary
  • Date 13.10.2018
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SimulaQron hackathon 2018

first quantum internet hackathon on 13–14 October 2018, a weekend where 40 participants from all over the world collaborated to improve and build applications on top of the SimulaQron network simulator.

A hackathon is a “hacking marathon”: an event where quick and dirty solutions are built for some problem and where the focus is on rapid prototyping rather than the (usually slower) programming with reusability in mind.

The par­tic­i­pants worked on the fol­low­ing projects dur­ing the hackathon (code can be found here) :

Team Quan­tum Con­sen­sus.

  • Goal: Quan­tum Cryp­tocur­ren­cy
  • Imple­ment­ed: leader elec­tion algo­rithms for quan­tum cryp­tocur­ren­cy (Coin Flip­ping Leader Elec­tion (arXiv:0910.4952v2) and W‑State Leader Elec­tion)

Team IRTF draft

  • Goal: “Adver­tis­ing Entan­gle­ment Capa­bil­i­ties in Quan­tum Net­works”
  • Will be sub­mit­ted & dis­cussed at Quan­tum Inter­net RG

Team QuViz

  • QuViz is a test suite to visu­al­ize prop­er­ties of a Quan­tum Net­work
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Team Sim-NG

    • Improved Sim­u­laQron is many ways, e.g. added Go-bind­ings, fixed anom­alies in CQC spec­i­fi­ca­tion

Team Qham­ster

    • Goal: improve­ments to QChat, a chat appli­ca­tion built on top of quan­tum key dis­tri­b­u­tion: decou­ple Client/Server func­tion­al­i­ty and pro­vide a lan­guage-inde­pen­dent client inter­face
    • Results: Orga­nized ser­vices, Python XML-RPC Serv­er, Inter­op­er­a­ble web and cli XML-RPC clients, Back­end improve­ments

Team Han­ko

  • Goal: design quan­tum dig­i­tal sig­na­ture “pro­to­col” rather than “algo­rithm”
  • Results: vari­able key length, vari­able mes­sage length, sim­ple sta­bi­liz­er states quan­tum one-way func­tion & a draft for the 2‑par­ty-pro­to­col

Team aMBiQuiCy

  • Project: MBQC sub­rou­tine for Sim­u­laQron
  • Imple­men­ta­tion: Blind Quan­tum Com­pu­ta­tion

The (open-source) code and pre­sen­ta­tions of the projects can be found here.


Team IRTF draft at work to under­stand entan­gle­ment and how it can be used

Team aMBiQuiCy busy imple­ment­ing mea­sure­ment-based quan­tum com­pu­ta­tion (on Sun­day morn­ing!)